Your Comprehensive Guide to Bulkhead Selection and Installation

December 1, 2023

Welcome to Forte Enterprises, the premier source for bulkheads in Massachusetts. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential aspects of selecting and maintaining bulkheads, ensuring long-lasting protection and security for your property.

Understanding Bulkhead Types

When considering a bulkhead, it’s crucial to determine which type is best suited for your application. The majority are made from durable steel, but we also offer composite bulkheads for custom applications. Bilco, an industry leader since 1926, provides high-quality steel bulkheads with several upgrade options, including custom keyed locks, gas assist pistons, powder coat finishes, and composite doors.

Choosing the Right Bulkhead

For new construction, bulkheads typically come in several standard sizes. Each unit fits a specified opening size, ensuring a seamless integration with your structure. When it comes to replacements, we offer a variety of sizes to match your specific needs. The most cost-effective replacement strategy is to select a standard size closest to your existing opening, then adjust the difference with additional cement work. This approach is more economical than opting for a custom unit.

Installation Considerations

A good quality steel bulkhead, with periodic maintenance, can last an average of 40 years. When installing a new bulkhead, it’s important to elevate the top of the masonry foundation above the landscape grade to prevent water ingress.

Addressing Water Seepage Issues

Before installation, consider two main issues:

  • Surface Water (Above Grade): Ensure the landscape grade around the bulkhead is pitched away to prevent water accumulation.
  • Ground Water (Below Grade): For elevated water tables or seepage through foundation walls, we recommend epoxy applications for seepage areas and an interior perimeter drainage system with a submersible sump pump for hydrostatic pressure issues.

Our Commitment to Solving Water Seepage

In addition to providing top-tier bulkheads, Forte Enterprises offers comprehensive analysis and permanent solutions for water seepage issues. Our expertise ensures that once your bulkhead installation is complete, with proper gradient elevations in place, there will be no further water-related concerns.

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